All kind of construction requires prior topographical survey; this is why in GICZE we make every effort to provide our clients with information according to their needs.


  • Locations.
    • Highways, roads, pipes, structures, buildings and wells.
  • Detailed drawing and leveling.
    • Railroads, highways, roads, pipes and pipelines.
    • Rivers, lakes, streams and drains (bathymetry).
    • Electric power transmission lines.
    • Pipes in operation.
    • Surveys and identification of areas for different facilities, either existing or in project, with level curves and transversal sections.
    • Existing buildings.
  • Management for data surveys of upheavals to agencies and owners.
  • GPS Positioning of points linked to the National Geodesic Grid.
  • Setting up geodesic control points.
  • Establishment of coordinates with GPS precision in real time for the construction of references and/or claim post boundaries.
  • Saline pipelines
  • Detection and positioning of hydrocarbon lines (surveys).
  • Cadastral subdivision boundaries and plotting.


  • Preparation of drawings.
    • Drawing and profile.
    • General land plant for several facilities (level curves and transversal sections).
    • Crossings with pipelines, roads, etc.
    • Upheavals schemes.
    • Marking of lots, boundaries, merges, and subdivisions.
    • Preparation of particular geographical information systems.

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