Process Engineering

We create the conceptual and basic design for industrial processes.

  • Design essentials.
  • Operation concept.
  • Process simulation.
  • Piping and implementation diagrams (dti’s).
  • Flow process diagrams (dfp’s).
  • Sizing equipment estimation logs
  • Ancillary services estimate and estimation logs.
  • Estimation logs for pipe wall thickness by internal pressure.
  • Hydraulic analysis of process lines and ancillary services.
  • Integral analysis for venting systems and burners.
  • Specifications of equipment and/or materials.
  • Material characteristics for the pipeline, valves, and accesories.
  • Data sheets.
  • Technical questionnaires.
  • Equipment list.
  • Indexes for lines and services.
  • Index for interconnection points.
  • Expert opinions.

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