Pipeline Design

Arrangement design for process pipelines and pipes:

  • Fieldwork.
    • Location of process equipment, Process Equipment (pressure vessels, storage tanks, centrifuge pumps, etc.), operating platforms, current pipeline, implementation installed in the pipeline systems, supports, pipeline racks, bridges, collection heads, and pigging traps (receiver and launcher).
  • Arrangement design for process pipelines of the following process systems:
    • Oil-gas separation Systems.
    • Rectification and cooling gas systems.
    • Compression systems.
    • Vent systems.
    • Security and fire-fighting systems.
    • Crude stabilization systems.
    • Vapour recovery equipment.
    • Connate water treatment systems.
    • Storage systems.
    • Crude dehydration systems.
    • Digital monitoring and control systems.
    • Voice and data system.
    • Intercom and paging systems.
    • CCTV Physical security systems.
    • Building automation systems.
    • Systems for the collection, treatment and disposal of liquid and solid waste.
  • Oil and gas transport:
    • Well Construction.
    • Discharge Lines.
    • Oil pipes.
    • Oil-gas pipes.
    • Gas pipes.
    • Saline pipes
    • Collection heads.
    • Pneumatic pumping lines.
    • Launcher and receive traps.
    • Sectioning valves

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