Industrial Safety

  • Smoke detection and alarms
    • Coverage analysis of smoke detection devices.
    • Audible and visible alarm systems and manual stations.
    • Signal path and conduit pipeline drawing.
    • Cable and pipeline conduit schedules.
  • Removal by cleaning agent
    • Uses: electrical control rooms, control and operators room, telecommunications room, and instrument panels rooms.
  • Gas and fire detection
    • Coverage analysis for the detection of toxic gas, flammable gas, hydrogen gas and fire devices.
    • Audible and visible alarm systems and manual stations;
    • Signal path and pipeline conduit drawing.
    • Cable schedules and pipeline conduit.
  • Signs and portable equipment.
    • Portable CO2 extinguishers and packages.
    • Autonomous breathing equipment.
    • Fire-fighting cabinets.
    • Shower with eye-bath station.
    • Signs and safety warnings, health and environmental protection.
  • Fire-fighting network.
    • Pump-dimensioning against fires, redundant and pressure reinforcements.
    • Fire-fighting foam packages.
    • Sprinkling rings, hydrant monitors and deluge valves.
    • Water tanks for fire-fighting.
    • Inlet connection for trucks, siamese outlet.

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