Implementation and control engineering

We are a group of professionals in the automation fields and selection of control elements for automated systems such as mechanical systems; we are experienced in the selection, calculation and optimization of control systems and implementation of mechanical and/or electronic elements in accordance with the needs of a plant or a process.

We proceed from the primary need of the process or plant, we propose competitive technologies in accordance with a proposed system, and we develop and structure a competitive integral automation technology system.

  • Control system design.
  • Piping and implementation diagram.
  • Paths of electric signals from instruments.
  • Technical characteristics of implementation.
  • Implementation data sheets.
  • Control and network logic diagrams.
  • Local implementation.
  • Electronic implementation.
  • Estimation log.
  • Uses: automobiles, brewers, metallurgy, paper, food, oil, chemical, hydrocarbons, at houses, sugar, mining, flour, cement, geothermal, hydraulic, tyre, soft drink.

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