Flexibility Analysis

We prepare stress analysis studies in process pipelines, transport and hydrocarbon-collection pipes, power plants and in steam injection plants, hydroelectric plants, Artificial Pump Systems, Refineries, Cryogenic Plants, and Thermoelectric plants.

The static and dynamic flexibility analysis in pipelines considers operating elements as pressure and temperature; its purpose is to measure the stresses caused by thermal expansion and weight of said pipe. Flexibility studies accurately calculate the internal stress of the pipe forces and momentums generated by the system towards the structure supporting the pipeline and equipment.

The pipeline’s internal stresses in the flexibility analysis, are compared with the maximum stresses allowed, stated in the, national and international, norms, codes and standards. These forces and circumstances of the piping system are transferred to the equipment and supports, hence they are studied and analyzed by both the specialists from the Civil and of Mechanic areas to comply with the regulated stress for equipment and structures.

By obtaining the optimal operating conditions, the infrastructure of the company is secured, protects the integrity of the workers, and guarantees preserving the environment.

In order to develop our activities, we use cutting-edge programs that fulfill the international regulations such as ASME, API, ASTM, MSS SP, NEMA, DNV, etc., these programs are:


The rich experience of our staff to execute these kind of studies causes the pragmatic nature of our analysis works, improving the projects and having a better understanding of our customer needs.

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