Electric Engineering

  • One-line diagrams and charge board.
  • Emergency and backup system.
  • Schedule of conductors and conduit pipeline.
  • Electric substations.
  • Equipment layout in electrical control center.
  • Classification of Hazardous Areas.
  • Power and control general system.
  • Earthing system and protection against lightning.
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems.
  • Distribution system of power transmission lines.
  • Calculations Logs drafting.
  • Preparation of Specifications for Electric Equipment.
  • Feasibility study of electric power.

-Solar Photovoltaic system.
-Wind turbines.

  • Short circuit studies.
  • Protection coordination studies and/or charge flows.
  • Cathodic protection Studies.

-Sacrificial Anodes.
-Impressed current.
-Anode bed.
-Electric interconnections.
-Installation of posts signs.
-Stand for cathodic protection


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