Air Conditioning

  • Estimation logs to set up thermic loads.
  • Air conditioning equipment selection.
  • Installing of Air Conditioning Systems.
    • All-water systems.
    • Systems for direct expansion.
    • All-air systems.
    • Air-water systems.
    • Air-refrigerant systems.
    • Estimate of air pipes
    • Estimations for pipeline and pumping systems for hydronic systems.
    • Estimations and selection of ventilation units.
    • In order to perform several works, we include:
    • Saline pipes
    • Collection heads.
    • Pneumatic pumping lines.
  • Launchers and receiving traps
    • Estimation logs.
    • Floor plans for the distribution of equipment, air pipes and/or pipeline systems, and the general and specific installation details.
    • Technical characteristics.
    • Technical questionnaires.
    • Data sheets.
    • Work Size.

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